"I have only had the chance to write a couple testing sections, but I looked over them all and they were identical to the tests I have written. I'm looking forward to taking the Gledhill Shaw test on the website. Toronto is doing another recruit, so I'll be feeling very confident walking into that exam. Thanks again for all your help. Keep up the good work."

T. Shaw -Toronto

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  • 5 Simulated entrance exams based on the CPS tests (100 questions each).
  • 5 Simulated entrance exams based on the NFST tests (70 questions each).
  • 2 Psychological based tests (250 questions each) based on the Gledhill-Shaw OS Fire Exam.
  • 5 Bonus Practice exams including questions based on spatial orientation and memorization.
  • Interactive scoring, historical feedback, answer keys, and solution explanations.
  • Unlimited access, do the tests as often as you like

  • Money Back Guarantee! (see conditions)


  • Resumé, Interview, Fitness Preparation
  • Teaching material, including Printable PDFs and video instruction, for all subject matter including math, mechanical aptitude, problem solving, tools and more.

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