Money Back Guarantee

FirefighterPrep is so confident with its product that we will refund your money in full if you fail any written exam from a major North American fire department after using our web site. 

    1) You supply the original document of your test results from the fire department you applied to, indicating that you were unsuccessful. This document will be returned to you with your refund.

    2) You have not performed any practice tests on FirefighterPrep after the date of the testing, which you failed.

    3) The name on the test result document must match the name you provide FirefighterPrep when you sign up.

    4) Only one refund per customer.

    5) You must request the refund while still a member of FirefighterPrep and within one month of the failed examination.
You will have to email FirefighterPrep to get information in the event that you require the money back guarantee. Contact us at the link below to find out if the fire department you are applying to is covered or if you have any questions.


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