"Thank you so much for responding to me so quickly. Thanks again for all the detailed information"
Krista - Toronto

Q1. What makes FirefighterPrep different from other test preparation services?

FirefighterPrep offers customized training for the application process of the fire department you are applying to. Our comprehensive offering will give you the edge you need in the highly competitive firefighting selection process.

Q2. How long do I have access to this site?

You get unlimited access to our training material and tests for a period of one year. You can retake the tests as often as you like!

Q3. Are there any hidden costs or recurring fees upon registration?

NO. There will be no further charges other than the one time purchase.

Q4. Does FirefighterPrep provide anything other than practice tests?

YES. FirefighterPrep offers assistance on the physical testing component, the interview process, and building your resume.

Q5. Can I contact anyone if I have specific questions not covered by the site or something I am confused about?

YES. We are here to do anything we can to get you hired. If you have a question you can email us at info@firefighterprep.com and we will attempt to answer your questions.

Q6. Fire departments have timed tests. Do you have timers on your tests?

YES. It is important to get used to time pressure when practicing for these exams. Our tests have interactive timers that will prevent you from continuing after the allocated time has expired, just as test administrators will stop you during the actual testing.

Q7. I only have a month to prepare for the test. Will this website be much use to me?

YES. The site content was designed to allow individual users to work at their own pace and is well suited for someone who has about a month to prepare. One method would be to do a complete practice test every other day. This will give you hours of simulated tests and practice prior to writing. On top of this there is guidance with:
- Resume Building
- Interviewing
- Fitness Preparation

Q8. Are the Canadian tests based on American math standards, or are metric measurement units used?

The math questions are based on the imperial measurement system if you are taking an American test, and the metric system if you are taking a Canadian test.

Q9. I'm applying to Niagara Region Fire Department, do your tests help me?

YES. The Niagara Region Fire Department is going to use the same testing that is based on our Toronto practice tests. Our site preparation material is ideal for your situation.

Q10. I'm applying to a fire department that is not mentioned on your home page. Will your site still help?

YES. We offer a wide variety of tests with both the American and Canadian purchases that cover just about any type of question a fire department can ask you on exams, or during interviews. This site is extremely comprehensive and allows you to retake the tests and practice as often as you like. If you have any specific questions about the site, please send us an email through the link below.




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